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About  Darling Tales Labradoodles

My name is Josie and I’m a mother of 2 adult sons and 3 dogs.

My earlier career was with Education QLD for 15 years, where my training (Early Childhood & Disabilities) had me specialising in

Early Childhood Education & Early Intervention.for Children ascertained with

 Special and Complex needs: Primarily ASD and ADHD.



I have always loved dogs and have had them for as long as I can remember.

 In 2004 I received my first Labradoodle for Mother’s Day from my sons,

she was a standard Golden Girl called "Daisy".


As "Daisy" grew, I found her to be different to most other dogs I had owned previously.

I was deeply drawn to her loving nature and remarkable intelligence, I would take her into my classroom to assist children with Autism and pervasive developmental disorders.

Interacting with these dogs, I witnessed first hand how their calm and intuitive demeanor positively impacted people's lives. It was during this time that I decided I wanted to eventually work with Australian Labradoodles, as I could clearly see how their

presence and temperament enhanced the lives of those around them.


Additionally, I recognized the potential to contribute to the breed's development and improvement. By engaging in responsible breeding practices, I aim to enhance the health, temperament, and overall quality of Labradoodles, ensuring that future generations would continue to bring happiness and companionship to countless individuals and families.

 Daisy passed peacefully in October 2018, and that was when serendipity stepped in, and I met Carol North a respected and long time breeder and owner of Caralee Australian Labradoodles.​


​On Christmas day 2018, I became a Guardian Mother for "Millie" a gorgeous

Medium Chocolate parti Labradoodle.

She then went on to produce 3 litter's of exceptional puppies, for Caralee. And I went on to be mentored by Carol North, to begin my journey as a breeder of these beautiful dogs.


Sands Millie
CloudCatcher Daisy

Our Philosophy

We’re completely dedicated to providing positive socialization training for all of our puppies, because we care deeply about the long term welfare of the dogs we produce.

This program takes a great deal of time, and we aim to bring out the very best in each puppy. We then thoroughly assess them appropriately, as to match that temperament with the individual needs of their new owners.

By doing all of this we’re confident that you will take home a beautiful Labradoodle


- a wholehearted dog that is a trusting, cooperative loving companion.

 I would like to sincerly thank Carol North for allowing me to use and share some photos of her dogs on this site.

These pictures and videos were taken at my home, while Caralee Labradoodle Dogs and Puppies were in my care.  

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